Mol Ağırlık 58,44
Cas No 7647-14-5
Kapalı Formülü
Fizilsel Özellikleri
Açıklama Sodium Chloride
Terapotik Kategoriler Electrolyte replenisher; emetic; topical anti-inflammatory.
Erime Noktası

Uyarı Notları

NOTE: Blusalt, a brand of sodium chloride contg trace amounts of cobalt, iodine, iron, copper, manganese, zinc is used in farm animals. CAUTION: Not generally considered poisonous. Accidental substitution of NaCl for lactose in baby formulas has caused fatal poisoning.

Kullanım Alanı

Natural salt is the source of chlorine and of sodium as well as of all, or practically all, their compds, e.g., hydrochloric acid, chlorates, sodium carbonate, hydroxide, etc.; for preserving foods; manuf soap, dyes-to salt them out; in freezing mixtures; for dyeing and printing fabrics, glazing pottery, curing hides; metallurgy of tin and other metals.

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